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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Just in case anyone was wondering about the difference between Risk Management and Business Continuity Management, and where the two disciplines overlap, a new term seems to have been coined that places Business Continuity Management in a discipline led by Risk Management – Continuity Risk Management.

A few months ago it seemed that the new, all-embracing, discipline might be called Resiliency. Not that anyone could properly define what it meant, but it sounded good and seemed to encompass all those things that make an organisation more resilient. Some people are still too busy arguing about whether or not Business Continuity Planning and Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) are the same thing to worry about Continuity Risk Management. Maybe those that favour COOP should start talking about Operational Risk Management.

Then we have the new ISO standard coming out next year called “Societal Security”.  Its subtitle is “Guidance for incident preparedness and operational continuity management”, which isn’t exactly helpful in clarifying the subject area. Perm any three from Risk Operations Continuity Management Enterprise Business Societal Resilience Preparedness Organisational.



An on-line discussion is currently being held between various members of a business continuity discussion group on whether or not Business Continuity Planning and Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) are one and the same thing, or whether one is a subset of the other. I often find myself at the sharp end of trying the explain the benefits of business continuity to sceptical senior managers, and all I can say is that these sort of discussions do not improve the case for implementing business continuity. In fact, they make business continuity professionals look very insular, unworldly, and unsure about what it is they are trying to do.